Sunday, July 15, 2012


  • My job situation, if you've been following the madness, has changed again. I decided to stay at the urgent care - and thankfully, management decided that they wanted to keep me too when I asked for my job back. Reasoning: (1) I can work three 12-14 hour shifts per week and still have enough time for a part time job. This is important while my husband isn't working. (2) My medical insurance for urgent care kicks in on August 1 - I'd have to wait 90 MORE days for insurance at the doctor's office. (3) The doctor's office offers 2 weeks vacation per year...after you have been there for a year. In other words, zero vacation time for a whole year. I have a new baby nephew that I would be very unhappy to miss out on visiting for a whole year. Eff that.
  • I worked 56 hours last week. 40 at urgent care and 16 at the doctor's office. I'm tired.
  • I'm going to visit my sister, brother-in-law and baby nephew next month and I am SO EXCITED. My beautiful sister and mom bought me a plane ticket so I can come up, and I am so very grateful. It made my week.
  • I habe a cold in my node. Sniffle.
  • I took some expired Nyquil last night and had 12 hours of sleep like I'd been hit in the head, along with some really bizarre dreams.
  • I haven't lost weight in a really long time and I'm not freaking out about it. Maybe I should, but as long as I'm not gaining, I can't get myself to care much. A co-worker is gaining weight like mad (darned drug reps bringing in tasty treats all the time) and she asked me and a couple of others if we would do a month of Atkins with her to help her get on track. I said I would, but I'm not really feeling all that passionate about it.
  • My husband rocks. That's all.