Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kangoo Jumps - Awesome Workout

Several months ago, I bought an Amazon Local deal for a series of fitness classes called Kangoo Jumps. Essentially, you wear boots that have little trampolines on the bottom that look like this:

And you basically do an aerobics class with a little strength training while wearing these things. I was a bit nervous about the whole thing since I'm not the most coordinated person in the world, but within 10 minutes of putting them on, I was jogging and jumping like a champ. Everyone at Beachside Ryde (the studio where I went) was amazing. The guy who helped me get fitted with my boots and got me comfortable with wearing them was really patient. The instructor was a super-perky jumping bean and excited about everything (but not annoyingly so).

This is what the class looks like (I'm not in this video but just to get an idea what kind of stuff we were doing):

Let me tell you - attempting to stand still is the hardest thing, and doing squats wasn't easy either. The class involved different elements like using a weighted ball, dumbbells, hula hoops, and a weighted bar to do different kinds of moves, so it never got boring. And I made it through with a smile (and a whole lot of sweat).

My next class is on Friday and I can't wait!


Run, Chelle, Run! said...

Oh my goodness you brave lady! I would be so scared of breaking an ankle. That looks so neat, I can't wait to hear more about it!

Amy W. said...

That is so awesome! I want some to where at work. I work at a mental health facility...so it would be extra fun!

Banded Strong said...

That looks like a trip! Thanks for sharing!

Z said...

not only do those look super cool they look like a great workout. but yea i'd break every bone in my body if i attempted those!

Cheri said...

So cool!