Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Maybe this band thing works...

I ate more solid food today, to see realistically how full I am getting. I have very little to no sense of restriction and was hungry a couple of hours after lunch, but I was right around 1000 calories and not really feeling munchy. Mostly, it was almost an annoyance to stop and eat. Today's menu included:

Morning: coffee with skim milk and Splenda; Carnation Instant Breakfast with skim milk

Mid-morning: Yoplait nonfat yogurt (cherry cobbler flavor - yum!)

Lunch: Weight Watchers turkey with mashed potatoes

Mid-afternoon: Carnation Instant Breakfast with 1% milk

Dinner: 3 oz. fish (orange roughy) marinated in homemade tzatziki; 1/2 sweet potato with Brummel & Brown light butter and light sour cream

Evening: 1/3 cup Blue Bell no sugar added/lowfat ice cream

I'm not hungry. I'm satisfied. I had the energy to go to the gym and walk briskly on the treadmill for half an hour.

I have hope. This is pretty freaking cool.


Grace said...

this makes me even more excited to get banded!

Stephanie said...

You seem to be doing well, but are you getting enough protien/calories? A protien shake with 2% milk will add another 230 calories or so and another 30g of protien. Anything under 1200 calories is not good for you and will make your metabolism slow down and stagnate weight loss, according to my doctor. Just an idea for you! :) Keep up the good work!

Stephanie said...

Oh, just to let you know, I posted about you on my blog to let others know about your blog!

Camille said...

I found your blog from Stephanie's post. I look forward to reading more!! I got my band YESTERDAY!!

Steph said...

@Stephanie - I JUST (as in yesterday) started adding non-pureed meat so I was afraid I'd overdo it and get stuck. I did fine though so I am increasing closer to 1200 calories today. The instant breakfast drinks count as my protein shakes (according to the nutritionist) but maybe it's not quite enough? According to my food log from yesterday, I had 80 grams of protein and I was told aim for at least 60, so I think I'm doing ok there. Thanks for the input and mention on your blog!

@Camille - congratulations on your new bandy friend!

@Grace - I'll check out your blog right now!

Derek and Mary said...

I found your blog through Stephanie's! Keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog on Stephanie's. You sounds like you are doing awesome. Your menu sounds great, I love tzatziki!