Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is This Restriction?

I'm starting to think that either:

A) I am a weirdo
B) I was hypnotized to only think I got the band, but there is not really a band
C) The surgery was only a placebo
D) I just got really freaking lucky

I have been hearing all about "bandster hell" since I decided to get the band and started reading blogs. I was told that there would be a horrible time between surgery and my first fill that I would be able to eat exactly the way I used to and I would be starving all the time and would have no restriction, especially since my surgeon installs the band totally empty.

I swear - I think I have restriction.

Yesterday for lunch I got ambitious and ordered a side order of meatballs and a cup of minestrone soup. I ate about 1/4 cup of soup (just a few bites) and opened up the container of meatballs. They were about 3 ounces each, I'd guess, a bit smaller than my fist, and there were three of them. I ate one meatball and was stuffed. There was no way I was even taking one more bite of that meatball. I had another one for lunch today and there's another one waiting in my office refrigerator for lunch tomorrow. A side order of meatballs lasts for three lunches? Really?!

Tonight for dinner I decided to try steak for the first time since surgery. I made myself a filet mignon marinated in worcestershire sauce. I took about 3 ounces, along with half a sweet potato, and could not finish it. It was DELICIOUS and went down perfectly...but after I ate about 3/4 of my small portion, I couldn't eat another bite. I used to be able to polish off a 12 ounce ribeye, and that's WITH a salad, baked potato, and a side of broccoli.


It seems like fish goes down really easily and I can eat more seafood than beef or chicken. With how low in calories and high in protein it is, that's fine by me. My best friend and I went out for seafood this weekend, shared a meal of crab legs, lobster tail, and shrimp and it was fabulous - and I love being able to SHARE a meal and save some cash. That's a nice little side effect.

So...I've rambled for long enough. I hope all my fellow bandsters are doing well!


Debi said...

Well, I was like that in the beginning too. Unfortunately, it usually wears off, until you get enough restriction from Fills.

That time period is what we call Bandster Hell! I am in it and have been in it for months! I currently have 5.6 cc's in a 10 cc Band, so I am ever hopeful that the next Fill will "be the one"!! LOL

Holl said...

i can't help you with this as my surgeon put in 3cc's at the time of surgery. i KNOW i have restriction and can feel it regularly when i eat. i had some tilapia earlier today and have also noticed that fish goes down easier than anything else. i'm with you on being ok with that cuz i love fish and it's got good nutrition facts! lol

Sandy Lee said...

I too had 3 ccs at surgery and felt some restriction. It wore off at week 5. I had a fill and then an unfill (not sure if he took it all out) but I can eat again. I try to keep to the 1 cup portion and can still feel a "fullness"-a bit of pain in my left shoulder. But I want to snack all the time. My measure of whether the band is working is if I am losing weight. The scale hasn't moved in a week so I am looking for a refill next week so I can lose pounds again. If your band has no fluid in it you will still get some restriction. And the stomach wall is probably still inflamed and swollen a bit. Not sure if you have seen the diameter of the band, but I posted a pic on one of my posts (http://rollercoasterdieting.blogspot.com/2010/03/un-filled.html). Remember that your stomach wall has to be squished inside the band.

I sort of figured out Bandster Hell was having a weight plateau and wanting to eat lots. I get frustrated when I think this band should be doing all the work, but I realize I have to still eat good stuff and not junk (like the two bowls of ice cream I had last night!!!). I want to be able to forget about eating and that is my goal with the band. Restriction enough that I don't want to get up and munch on stuff other than my three meals a day. There are lots of stories of bandsters who eat around their band--eating slider foods and high calorie milkshakes and drinks--and they gain weight.

We are all trying to figure it out. And everyone is different so listen to your body. You know it best.