Thursday, April 1, 2010


For the first time since I was 22 years old (that's 12 years, but who's counting?) I am unemployed. I was laid off yesterday, along with a bunch of other colleagues.

To say I am freaked out and feel like I have been punched in the gut would be an understatement.

I met my husband at that company. I met some of my best friends at that company. After 12 years I was nothing more than a number on the bottom line.

This means that I am losing my insurance and will need to move to my husband's insurance. I called his insurance company and anything having to do with bariatric/weight loss is SPECIFICALLY excluded. I am one month out from surgery. Happy bandiversary to me.

I hope I'm not totally screwed here.

Fills are $150 and hopefully I won't need them too often. I don't know if that's on top of an office visit or not - the nurse coordinator wasn't sure and she's going to get back to me. What's really scaring me is if something bad happens and I have a complication/slip/erosion and need another surgery. That would be an absolute catastrophe.

Has anyone else been through this?

I can't seem to eat much. My stomach is in knots. I don't want to make myself sick over this but I'm worried that if I force myself to eat that I will throw up.


Stephanie said...

I hate to say, always look on the brightside, but at least you lost your insurance AFTER the surgery :) (Sorry, but I am an optimist!)

I would have a talk with your doctor when you go in for a fill and explain that due to the cost, you can't keep coming in for fills all the time, so maybe he will be a bit more "generous" in your fills...

Don't think about the bad side of things, as that will only drive you crazy. Focus on the positive and let things happen as they happen. There is so much unknown in this world, that you have to stay healthy and happy. Only you have control over that.

I'm sorry about the job loss...Damn that sucks, but I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear this, I would stick to liquids or mushies while you are stressing. Hopefully your doctor's office can work something out.

Sandy Lee said...

I am so sorry that you lost your job. Does your insurance coverage stop immediately or do you get a few months. If you do, get your fills and then wait and see. I pay $75/fill because I am 5 hours from the surgery clinic. Guess I get off cheap. But I also had to pay for my lapband surgery.

Hope you get this figured out. Again sorry you have to go through this. Will be thinking good positive thoughts for you.

--Hey said...

I am so sorry to hear that... I was thinking that maybe those fillcenterusa that were mentioned on smartbandsters the other day might offer a less expensive way to get your fills? (if there are any around you) and if you do have a slip or something bad happen does his insurance cover "emergency surgeries"? Maybe then it would cover it? Anyways... I am rambling... but that really does stink. Hang in there. What a bummer!


Band Groupie said...

So sorry to hear about the's hard not to take it personally. Watch the stress as it can make your band tighter. I'd check with DH's insurance...most would cover an emergency removal as it would be 'medically necessary', but I've heard of others who didn't since they didn't cover the surgery itself and it was something the patient had done electively. I'd want to know just for peace of mind. Agree- talk to the Doc about bigger fills and some docs don't charge for unfills if you come back within like 48 hrs. if the fill was too big. I've only had 4 fills and am still at a pretty good place 6 mo. after my last one. -BG
I'm here:

Steph said...

Thanks everyone. I'm hanging in there. Things look a lot brighter now than they did a couple of days ago. My husband is being super supportive and I may just decide to get a student loan and knock out my degree over the summer since I only have 4 classes left! I don't know for sure if that will work out, but we'll see.

As for the insurance, Paying $150 for fills, even if I need them every month, is way cheaper than COBRA, which would be nearly $600 per month. As for something major happening, a band nurse I know explained how very rare those things are and to just stay calm about it and not worry about it unless it happens.

On a REALLY good note - I've been beating my frustration out on the treadmill every day instead of eating junk. I'd call that progress.

Lacey said...

Glad to see that your outlook is brightening, but the whole thing still sucks! Here's to a clearly laid plan for the future (whatever it may be)!