Friday, April 16, 2010

Weigh In Day - 4/16/10

I somehow managed to lose 4 pounds this week.


I guess this "not a diet" mentality is going to work for me for now. I'm down to 256.6 - that's 24.4 pounds lost total so far at a month and a half out from surgery.

Also, I don't know what's up, but my stomach has been hurting since last night. The pain is right by my port, and it feels like a cramp like you'd get from running. Perhaps a pulled muscle. I was going to call the doctor's office, but they're closed on Fridays, so if it still hurts on Monday, I'll call then. It's not debilitating, just annoying.

I'm off to have lunch with a friend, and then go fight with the financial aid office at school about loans for the summer semester. Fun.


Stephanie said...

Glad to hear about the awesome loss...Good luck with the FA department. I work for a university, so I know how it can be sometimes!

Nella said...

I am two months post op and still get port pain. Its in the muscle so if you do a lot of activity or moving in your sleep, you will feel it and the pressure! Very what they say...Whatever!

Have a great weekend!

Steph said...

Nella - Well, THAT'S a relief because it's really hurting now. It truly feels like I pulled a muscle. I have had very little pain or discomfort since about a week post-op, so I wasn't expecting it. I thought I might have flipped my port or something bad and I had all these thoughts of how devastated I would be if something terrible happened and they had to take my band out. I'll still call the doc on Monday if it still hurts, but I'm glad it's a common thing and not as freaky as I thought.

Stephanie - I got nothing accomplished at FA today. Grrr. I finally have the time to finish my degree, but not the money. Frustrating!

Kristin said...

Hi Steph, thanks for your nice note on my blog last night. I just found yours, and now I'm a follower.

CONGRATS on the four pounds, that's awesome. I've been amazed how quickly the pounds add up, but this time - finally - in our favor. ;)

Sorry to hear about the FA office. I know it's the bane of every student's existence. When I was in college my roommate used to scream "FINANCIAL AID SUCKS" out our window at every passing tour group of potential applicants.

I had a couple of weird things with my port this week too. Just one or two quick stingy/burny moments (not quite like you described with a pulled muscle) when I bent a certain way. Hope yours is feeling better soon.