Friday, July 29, 2011

Work Break Room

First of all, thank you for all of the suggestions on what to do at lunchtime.

Bec made the awesome suggestion of going to a library. Duh, why didn't I think of that?! There is a library less than 2 miles from my office and I can bring something to eat in the car then go in and read magazines or listen to audiobooks and knit - that would be a great way to spend my break. I wouldn't have to spend money on coffee like I would if I went to hang out at the place that rhymes with Barschmucks and I wouldn't be tempted by the treats at the place that rhymes with Funkin' Gonuts.

I'm going to look in to joining the gym near the office.

And so you can see the break room and what I am dealing with...this is a video I took tonight. The guys I work with are being dorky (and so am I) but they are awesome. They make my job bearable. Today was Mike's last day, so there was cake, as usual. (I may have had some. And I may feel like crap because of it. Ahem.) So yeah, you can see that this is part break room and part someone's office. The rumor is that we're moving to a new facility in a few months, and then we will have a real break room. I hope.


Amanda said...

reminds me of the office break room a bit!

Cece said...

I have the same kind of schedule with a longer commute ... dislike ! Sometimes I get on a kick where I'll bring my little dvd player and watch a movie during my lunch.

Tijuana Flats??? I love that place ! My sister lives north of Orlando and never fails to tell me when they go there ... don't like the heat of FL but do like TFs !

Ronnie said...

No guilt over going-away-cake! :) That stuff looked yummy... and I totally had some coconut cream cake last night. lol

Yay for getting a break room in a few months!

Lap Band Gal said...

what a cute video of your coworkers :)

Beth Ann said...

That is a fabulous idea!!