Monday, September 17, 2012

All Filled Up

I had my fill today - a little over one more cc added, making about 7 cc's total in my band. I am up about 14 pounds from my lowest weight (gulp) and the doc said he wasn't surprised...I didn't realize it had been this long but I hadn't had a fill in A YEAR AND FOUR MONTHS. He said he's not the least bit surprised that I have gained a bit and is surprised I haven't gained more.

The fill was uneventful as always - a quick needle in the belly, added 2 cc's, water wouldn't go down at all, removed 0.5 cc, water still in my throat, another 0.25 cc out and the water started trickling down nicely. No pain. Easy peasy. Doc and I had a nice talk too. I really like him.

I've been sipping my clear liquids all afternoon with no problem - I may try some strained homemade broccoli soup for dinner in a little while.

I hope this will get me back on the losing track!


A.J. said...

Fingers crossed !!!

speck said...

I have no doubt this is exactly what you need.

I was in the exact same place 3-4 months ago and things have definitely turned around.

Be sure to take those vitamins. I always dissed them thinking that "they can't make that much difference" but the calcum really helps me with sugar cravings.


jennxaz said...

yeah!!! awesomeness!