Sunday, September 30, 2012

Heart Walk 5K

Yesterday morning I did the Heart Walk 5K with some women who have been very important to my band journey.

Maria is on the left. She works at the front desk at my bariatric surgeon's office. She is also banded, and she has also become a good friend. We meet up often for lunch or to go for a walk, and she's been an amazing support when I am struggling. She's fantastic.

On my other side is Gwen, the band nurse. She is learning how to do fills and I told her she can practice on me if she'll do it for free. :-)

Jody is on the right. She's the registered dietician. She ran the 5K in about 30 minutes. Awesome. She's such an inspiration.

Our team was called "The Shrinking Population".  :-)

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Chris said...

Love the team name! Congrats on doing the 5k together!