Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tomorrow is Fill Day

Tomorrow I'm finally getting the fill I've needed for a long time. I hope it will make a difference! I found out that an un-fill within 7 days is free for a self-pay patient, so I'm going to ask the doc to do a big-girl fill and really crank it up tight (as long as I can get fluids down) and if I'm too tight after a few days I'll back it off a little. I just can't afford to be spending $150 for tiny 0.25 cc tweaks all the time!

I'm going to spend today getting ready for a few days of liquids/mushies. I'm making a batch of cream of broccoli soup and chicken enchilada soup. I have a couple of 4-packs of Atkins shakes and a box of sugar free Carnation Instant Breakfast. Just need to get some yogurt and stuff to make smoothies and I should be good for a few days.


speck said...

Good for you Stephanie! I went without a fill for almost a year. I was in desperate need. However, I put it off a while because it wasn't my band with the was Sandra's terrible eating habits.(SUGAR)

I know this going to be exactly what you need. And I'm with you...those fills can be costly. I think you made a great decision.


Lap Band Gal said...

Good plans with the liquids! :) Hope this fill does the trick

A.J. said...

Fingers crossed for good fill mojo!!!

jennxaz said...

sounds like a great plan! good luck!