Saturday, October 9, 2010


The number 226.6 is starting to make me a little nuts. I have seen it on the scale EVERY day for well over a week. I have a new fill, dammit. I'm eating really well, dammit. I am walking EVERY DAY, dammit. I'm drinking enough water to fill a swimming pool, dammit. Aaaaargh!

I stepped back from the situation and thought about what I'd tell someone else in the same situation:

  • You've lost 54.4 pounds. Sometimes your body needs to catch up.
  • The scale is being stupid. There is no way that on your current calorie level that you are not losing fat. It's probably fluid. Keep on going. Eventually the scale will move.
  • Change something up - eat differently, exercise differently, change something.
So, I am taking a deep breath and following my own advice. I had a different than usual breakfast (I usually have leftovers or chicken salad with crackers, but today I had a mini whole wheat bagel with egg whites and turkey sausage) and I am getting ready to go to the gym for - get this - a bellydancing class before I have to go to school this afternoon.

Fingers crossed that I'll see anything LESS THAN 226.6 tomorrow.


Darlin1 said...

Changing it up---is a very good idea! I'm going to follow your example-


Drazil said...

Exactly - to quote you - "KEEP ON GOING"....never give up!

Miss Vickie "The Queen Bee" said...

I think changing it up my be the key to the damn scale! Belly dancing can't hurt either!

Stephanie said...

steph, I noticed that totally upping the amoung of protien really jumpstarted me on my losses again. I doubled the amount of what I had been eating and the weight started to fall off. Never give up, you are doing great!