Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Potato Salad

Did y'all know that Weight Watchers makes fresh deli salads now?

The potato salad ROCKS. I read about "resistant starch" which is a type of fiber that happens when you cook and then chill potatoes, among other things, and is supposed to have some health benefits. I read about it on a blog for dietitians. Blah blah blah nutritional mumbo jumbo. The bottom line is that I like potato salad and I never eat it because of how CRAZY high calorie/carb it usually is. I saw this stuff when I was getting regular potato salad in the deli for my husband and had to try it.

The WW stuff is half the calories of the other potato salad because it's made with egg whites and light mayo, and let me tell you - it's tasty. Really tasty. And 130 calories for 2/3 cup. That's a lot of potato salad.

Over the weekend an hour or so before a long walk, I took about 1/2 cup of potato salad, and chopped up 1 hard boiled egg and mixed it in, along with about a teaspoon of mustard. I had some fabulous high protein "southern-style" potato salad for about 160 calories, and it kept me going for HOURS, even after working out.

Anyway, just thought I'd share my new find. It was in the deli section at Publix. They also had a coleslaw and a macaroni salad, but the potato salad was the most appealing to me so that's the one I bought.


Ice Queen said...

I so did not need to know this. Potato salad and I can't be in the same building together. I can seriously do some damage to a container/bowl/vat/swimming pool full of the stuff.

I might try the WW type. Or, make some, myself. I have potatoes, eggs, light mayo... Hmmm.. :D

Joey said...

hmmmm....wonder if it counts as a "salad"? :)