Monday, October 18, 2010

Confession Time

I ate two raspberry thumbprint cookies, a bite of a lemon bar, and a chocolate donut hole.

I could blame the food pushers at work, but it was all me. I saw, I drooled, I ate. Raspberry anything is my favorite and once I tasted all of that sugary, buttery deliciousness, I wanted more.

It's over. I have said it out loud. I won't be secretive and give in to any sort of binge. I will have a healthy, light, and high protein lunch and dinner, drink a lot of water, go for a walk on my lunch break, and move on.

Thanks for listening.


amandakiska said...

You are hearby absolved! Go forth and sin no more.

Rachel said...

This is a positive and healthy place to have a are forgiven!!!

Robin said...

Nothing to forgive. I'm sure they were enjoyable. If you want, you can say a Hail Mary, but no penance is necessary.