Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In Which I Let You See My Drawers

Inspired by Lap Band Gal's post where she showed us how she makes it happen at work, I thought that I would show you what I keep in my drawer at work too.

Clockwise, from top left:

~ Light vegetable soup - great for lunch in a pinch if I can't get out.
~ Sugar-free gum
~ Carnation Sugar-Free Instant Breakfast - to be mixed with the milk I keep in the fridge
~ Crystal Light packets
~ Fiber chews - citrus flavor (they taste like lemon Starburst and I know I'll grab a couple at some point during the day, and I need my fiber!)
~ Peanut butter protein bars - yummy snack if I get hungry in the 6 hours I have to wait between lunch and dinner
~ (Bottom left, hard to see) Chai Tea bags...my new delicious discovery

The following are NOT in my drawers, but I saw them in a store and, in a total "you know you're a bandster when..." moment, they made me gag until I realized that "PB" probably stands for "peanut butter" and not...you know.


Rachel said...

I love your comment about the PB...what a great insider joke. I'm definitely going to stock my drawer at work...Thanks for sharing.

Donut Butt said...

Totally hear you on the PB...getting a fill used to mean getting my nails done LOL. I'm going to have to try to the fiber chews. Where did you get them?

amandakiska said...

I think about PB everytime I hear or see an item made with PB. Too funny!

Lap Band Gal said...

Where do you get those fiber chews? :)

Steph said...

The fiber chews are from GNC, but I actually prefer the fiber gummies that I get from CVS.