Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Will Fill. Fill I Will. Not to fill-y is just silly.

Ok, these rhyming titles are getting ridiculous. :-)

It is comments like this one from DiZneDiVa (along with all the other great ones I received on my last post) that are the reason why I blog:

"Get a fill... If your tool's battery was dead, would you still try to use it or replace the battery? You have to have Maintenance to keep your tool working... right?"

Damn. Yes. You are so right. It seems so obvious when you say it that way, but I didn't see it by myself. I liked this one from Robin too:

"The band without sufficient fill is like a tire without enough air. Go get a fill!"

I have some smart Bandster sisters, for sure!

I scheduled a fill for December 20. I'd go sooner, but I have finals on December 11 and December 15 and I can't take time off work/school to do it until the end of the semester since my doc is only in the office on Mondays and I have school on Mondays. Until then, I'll just have to be careful and (ugh) diet. The sucky thing is that I have the holiday party for my surgeon's practice to go to the evening of the 20th and I'll be on liquids...but at least I'll be in a room full of weight loss surgery patients who will understand!

Last night was the monthly support group and we had a guest speaker - Chef Dave Fouts who is a bariatric chef. A lot of people seemed to know who he was, but since I don't really do "bariatric" food and just eat real food, I have never really read WLS cookbooks. Anyway, it was somewhat interesting. He really pushes for "fat free everything" which I really don't believe in. Some fat is healthy and all fat is NOT created equal! There's a world of difference between the fat in an avocado or an olive and the fat in a Twinkie.

I did not buy a copy of any of his books, but they looked decent enough for anyone who really has no idea how or what to cook after surgery. I could pretty much live on refried beans and guacamole or blended southwestern veggie soup or chili when I'm on mushies, so I don't really think I need a cookbook for that, and the rest of the time, I eat normal food.

I'm on vacation for the next few days (through Monday) - yay! Today is my 8 year wedding anniversary, so Scott and I are going out for crab for dinner (band friendly, low calorie, and DELICIOUS!). Tomorrow I have class in the morning, and then am going over to my parents' house so my mom and I can cook for Thanksgiving. I'm psyched about a few days off!

Oh, and I took off the "type a nonsense word" thing for commenting here. That whole thing seems to annoy people (me included) so I removed it so commenting will be easier here from now on.


Bones said...

I loved your post today -- so glad you shared those comments.

Erica125 said...

Those are some great comments that the fellow bandsters gave you. I plan on using those comparisons when people don't understand what the heck I'm talking about! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Bec said...

Great post! I just joined your blog.

Sam said...

Have a great Thanksgiving :o)