Wednesday, December 1, 2010


This semester may actually kill me.

I have 3 papers, a presentation, and 2 final exams due in the next 14 days. On top of it, I think I'm getting a cold. If I don't go completely insane and/or drop dead in the next 2 weeks, I promise that I will blog more often again.

In band news - there is no news. I have pretty much maintained my 60 pound loss and have weighted in somewhere between 219.4 and 221.0 for the last 2 weeks. Not gaining over Thanksgiving and the end of semester crunch time is great in my book, and I have a fill scheduled on December 20, so it will all work out.

I'm off to pass out. Hopefully I will make it all the way to the bed first. I just wanted to let you know I'm still alive and will be back to regularly scheduled programming after December 15.


-Grace- said...

Good luck wrapping up the end of the semester! I may die after all is said and done as well.

Bones said...

Get Airborne..... the stuff is amazing, and the sooner you get started on it, the better. I got my degree in 2008, as a single mom w/ 4 kids. It was really the most amazing thing I ever did. So keep up the hard work -- it will pay off in leaps and bounds. :)

Bonnie said...

Keeping my fingers crossed you don't go insane or drop dead. :)

Rachel said...

More power to you...I definitely remember those feelings. But how good you will feel December 15!

Sam said...

Good luck with your end of semester stuff!!!