Friday, December 17, 2010

I Think I know What Caused My Hives

The good news: I think I know what caused my massive allergic reaction.

The bad news: I did it to myself again yesterday and had a bit of a miserable afternoon.

I went into work yesterday feeling great. My splotches were clearing up, I'm not having the bad reactions I feared to the prednisone (so far...knock wood). I showed off my almost completely cleared up arms and neck to my co-workers, who agreed I looked so much better. co-worker Jason and I decided to get Chinese food from the little place next door to the office for lunch.

I was still feeling wary about ordering seafood, even though the seafood allergy test came back negative, so I got beef & broccoli instead.

Less than an hour later, my head started hurting. Then my eyeballs started throbbing. Then I felt like I was going to be sick so I went to the ladies' room. As I was sitting in there with my head spinning, I looked down and my arms were covered in blotches again. I ran back to my desk and took Benadryl right away. Within another hour, my head started feeling better, and within a few hours the blotches started going down again.

I had Chinese food from the same place last week and the week before. I semi-blamed the shrimp the first time and didn't even make the connection the second time since it was more of an ongoing thing at that point.

Sounds like an MSG reaction, no? I will not be eating Chinese food anymore, unless it's from somewhere like Peiwei that I know for a fact they don't use MSG. I have never gotten a headache after Peiwei, PF Changs, or Stir Crazy, so if I need a Chinese food fix, that's where I'll go. (Plus, they post their nutritional info and I can know for sure that I'm getting something healthier. Bonus.)

Down to 216.6 today - another pound gone. That's about 8 pounds since Monday. Damn, I love fills!

On another note, my husband's company holiday party was last night. For the FIRST TIME, my thought at a party like that wasn't, "How do I taste EVERYTHING without looking like a total pig?" My thought process was more like, "Ok, what do I want to taste that will go down and not make me have my first PB in a fancy dress in front of all these people Scott works with?" I had a small piece of mahi mahi, a very thin slice of turkey, a spoonful of steamed veggies, a little salad, and a very small spoonful of pasta. I ate really slowly and carefully and left about half the food on my plate. They had a casino night, so we ended up playing poker for much of the night, which kept me away from the nibbles. When dessert came around I had a piece of pineapple and about 1/4 of a thin slice of chocolate cake. I didn't feel the need to sample everything. It was empowering.

On yet another note, I am having dinner with Shrinking Mommy tonight and I am super excited about it!!!


Justawallflower said...

Oh my, allergy to chienese? Don't know if I could handle that! At least u know where u can go to get a fix! Congrats on the loss this week!

-Grace- said...

I bet it is the MSG. I always feel lousy after I have MSG--migraines, etc.

You are a total rock-star! Congrats on the 8lbs!!!!

DiZneDiVa said...

Fantastic losses this week, MSG sucks! I'm still seeing you in a few weeks, right? *Maria*

Sam said...

At least you know what the cause is and can avoid it in the future :o) BTW Great loss!!

Cheryl said...

I always ask for no MSG whenever we get Chinese food, 'cause, although I don't have half as bad a reaction as you do, my fingers and ankles can swell uncomfortably sometimes. Maybe you can ask them to do that for you, too? It will take longer to prepare, but will be well worth it.

(Let's see if this comment posts! :)