Friday, December 31, 2010

BYOC, The Resurgence

I've missed doing these! Thanks Drazil.

1. Do you make a New Year’s resolution list every year? Do you meet those resolutions, forget about them or never meet them?

I am not a resolution girl. I haven't set one in years.

2. If you could delete all the songs from existence from a certain singer, who would it be?

Rod Stewart. I freaking HATE his voice. The song about whether or not I think he's sexy makes me want to vomit.

3. [Deleted]

Oh goodness. No comment. I just can't answer this one.

4. If it was free AND unlimited – would you choose to have a cook, chauffeur, or masseuse?

Cook! I would rather drive myself and massages are great, but if I had someone to take my picky eating into consideration and cook healthy meals for me, that would be amazing.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week – in real life and blogland.

It's been a mixed bag.

Christmas was GREAT. As we do every year, we spent the day with a couple of close friends. It was super mellow and fabulous.

Work was awful this week. Insanely busy and I had to be on call today until 2:00. I also had a little discussion with the boss person that left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I had a customer today who was extremely mean and rude and yelled at me for 5 minutes straight. Ugh. I am not feeling good about some stuff there.

I'm very excited about the mini-BOOBs thing in Orlando this weekend.

Oh and I cooked some really good soup. I over seasoned/salted some skinless chicken thighs and grilled them. When we went to eat, I realized how horribly salty they were - I won't be using that marinade again. Instead of tossing them, I chopped them up into a half batch of southwestern veggie soup that I had made a few weeks ago and tossed in the freezer. I cooked it up today. It came out amazing and was a great way to use up chicken that was otherwise ruined.

Happy new year, everyone! Only 57 minutes of 2010 left here on the east coast.


Drazil said...

Happy New year!

Bonnie said...

I could go for some good soup right now. I wish I had a cook. :)

Rachel said...

Happy Happy New Year. Look forward to following you in 2011.