Friday, December 17, 2010

Double Digits Too!

Roo from A Brand New Roo posted about how she's in double digits in kilos (because she's in one of those countries where they do that sort of thing) and it made me wonder what I am in kilos...

216.6 pounds = 98.2481073 kilograms

So...woohoo! A milestone I didn't know I was trying to reach, but it's kind of awesome that I did.

To compare, I started out at:

281 pounds = 127.459456 kilograms


I had a great dinner with Shrinking Mommy and her adorable daughter tonight. It was kind-of great to have a meal with someone who eats less than I do.


DiZneDiVa said...

That's great that you and Heidi got together... I hope to see you both next month.

Ronnie said...

Woohoo for goals we didn't know we had! Glad you had a great night! :)

blondee said...

Hey Stephanie thanks SO much for your sweet comment over on my blog!! It REALLY made my day! I am now following your blog and can't wait to read up on your journey as well!! =)

Meli said...

steph you're looking great!

Read said...

How fun to have dinner with Shrinking Mommy! And yay for the goal you didn't know about!!