Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fill Kicked In

Thanks for all the kind words and good thoughts for my mom. She'll be having surgery the week after next, so I'll make sure I let you know what's going on.

My fill kicked in - big time - and I get it. Too tight at certain times of day? Yep. Taking half an hour to drink a protein shake. Uh huh. Not looking for food constantly? Yeah. Getting the tiniest bit annoyed when everything is about food (just pick a restaurant already, dammit, I can get protein and veggies anywhere and I don't care where we go). I'd say so.

I get it. a 5 ounce turkey burger without the bun and a few bites of broccoli makes a great lunch. A tilapia filet and some salad will keep me going for hours. Ugh no, I don't want to eat a slice of bread because it will be uncomfortable. I get it.

If this is my sweet spot, I'll take it.

I was watching "Man vs. Food" on the Travel Channel earlier because it was about Chicago and I will be going there to meet with some of my favorite BOOBS and love it there. Two things struck me:

1. Everything being about food is annoying. Yeah deep dish pizza, Italian beef, blah blah blah. Why can't he do some sightseeing when he's there?

2. When I mentioned the above to my husband, he responded, "You're just pissed because you can't eat everything you want anymore." My response was, "HELL no, I'm not pissed. I could have my band unfilled and eat anything I want ANY time. I LOVE my band. I LOVE eating less. I could TOTALLY sit around eating nothing but sliders all day but that would be dumb for me to do that."

Does getting stuck really suck? Yes.
Do I sometimes miss certain things? A little.
Do I have one moment of regret? Nope.

Maybe I can't chow down on an entire deep dish pizza, but duh...wasn't that the point?

(I know he was only kidding, but it struck a nerve. Just something interesting for me to think about.)


Annie said...

I am with you girlfriend! I have to admit, though, I do miss chomping down on whatever I want, but at the end of the day, the band has been very good to me!

Good luck with the fill!!

Beth Ann said...

I definitely find myself watching less Food Network, just for that reason. I watch more "doing" than "eating". No regrets here either!!

Dawnya said...

Yeah for being in a sweet place. I don't miss food nearly as much as I thought I would. I can't wait to see you in Chicago.

Cat's Chic Chat said...

I cannot wait until I find that spot. I already feel full after a small amount of food, but I get hungry again 2 1/2 to 3 hours later. I feel like I'm partially there!

tagyourit said...

I love that you put down taht you miss things but no regrets. I tell people that all the time. There are days that I want a slice of bread so bad but I know it will hurt. Do I regret not being able to eat it. Nope, not at all.

MLM said...

I definitely miss certain foods but I have to agree that it this experience does make you look at food very differently...wish your Mom well and a very speedy recovery!

Ronnie said...

Can't wait to see ya at BOOBS! :)

Sam said...

I sometime misse the eating whatever I want, but it doesn't last long and after wards I'm even more gratful for the band, as it stopped me from making a huge mistake :o)

Again, good luck for your mum!!

Christine said...

Amen! I feel exactly the same way. I miss pizza sometimes. And other things that I used to love. But do I have even one smidgen tiniest bit of regret? not a single bit. It was all worth it, ALL of it.