Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Alaska Bound!

I wrote on this post:

Scott and I are looking into booking a cruise to Alaska for our 10 year wedding anniversary later this year. Any advice would be appreciated as I am a little overwhelmed by all the options.

We were discussing our options and it turned out after some...let's call it "discussion"...ok, "loud discussion" crap...I'm here to be honest, let's call it what it was, an was determined that Scott doesn't want to go on a cruise. He doesn't want to see Alaska from afar, out of a boat window, with scheduled excursions where we have to keep a close eye on the clock to get back on the boat on time, and only explore those areas that are in or near tourist destinations.

His dream vacation, he said, would be to get dropped off in the middle of Alaska with a hunting rifle, a book of matches, and a large knife. To which I politely replied, no thank you, my darling, I don't believe I would enjoy such a thing.

Ok, honest. Right. You people know me too well. I believe what I said was, "F*** that! I will spend my vacation doing that over my cold, dead body."

So...we compromised. We're doing a 7 day guided camping trip (one night will actually be in a lodge in Seward). They provide all the gear, food, water, transportation to and from Anchorage, etc. All we need to do is show up, hike, canoe, kayak, go for boat rides, and enjoy the scenery.

That sounds pretty good.

I haven't been camping in YEARS but I am seriously excited about being in the kind of shape that I feel confident about hiking and kayaking. I don't need to haul a CPAP around anymore (because I lost my sleep apnea along with the weight) so that's not a concern. Yet another reason for me to be thankful for my band.

We submitted a reservation request for sometime in the last couple of weeks of August. I am so excited.


Vanessa said...

Sounds like a kick ass trip!!! I just realized that this fall is my 10 year anniversary too...time to start dreaming up a vacation.

Chris said...

Wow, that sounds like an awesome trip, and a great compromise between the two of you - good on you both!

23 years for me in April - I'll have to start thinking of something really big for our 25th :)

Jessica said...

Hope you have a blast... I am a cruise girl.... so thats how I would be spedning my time in alaska!!

FitBy40 said...

That sounds cool but my hubby won't camp, so it'll be a cruise for us!

Ronnie said...

Trip of a lifetime! :)