Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Conversation With a Co-Worker

The following conversation happened today with my friend/co-worker Jason. It made me giggle so I had to share. He's had a cold/sinus thing going on for awhile and had gone to the doctor before but was still not feeling well. I got the following email today.

Jason: FYI, dr appt, will be out of office from 11am-1pm

Me: I hope they FINALLY get you all fixed up and you get to feeling better.

Jason: Thank you! Of course now that I have an appt scheduled I'm actually already feeling better today... but they still better give me something, antibiotic or whatever.

Me: Isn't that always the way? But YES...insist on blood work and cultures so they can find out what is ACTUALLY wrong!!!!!

Jason: Oh I will! Demanding a CAT scan, MRI, biopsy, CBC, extra x-rays, EKG, strep test, and an autopsy for good measure.

Me: Don't forget the mammogram, pregnancy test, and full fluoroscopy of your digestive system.

Jason: Definitely. But I think a upper gastrointestinal endoscopy might be in order. And a full set of toxicology tests, someone may have drugged me. Tuning fork test too. I am going to decline the proctoscopy.

Me: Of course. Better safe than sorry. I know insurance doesn't usually cover it, but a full phrenology exam may be in order as well. It might provide some good info.

Later, when he got back to the office:

Me: How did it go? When are you getting fitted for your plastic bubble?

Jason: It was pretty good. The pregnancy test was negative, but the autopsy was really painful.

Sometimes working here is really fun.


Banded Mommy (Angie) said...

LOL!! too funny!

Beth Ann said...

You are awesome.

Perry Joyce said...

LOLOLOL! That's what my office is missing, there's a serious deficit of sense of humor 'round these parts!! :)

Cat said...

I have often wondered if an autopsy were painful. Now inquiring minds know!

greenie said...

Hilarious! You funny girl! Thanks for sharing.

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Kelli said...

Too funny!

Sam said...

Love it :o)

Ronnie said...

Hehe... I bet it would be, too!

Jessica said...


tz said...

i love co-workers like that!