Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Here I Am

I'm still alive. Everything is pretty much fine, I just don't really have much to say that I can share right now.

I can't seem to lose a pound even when I drop my calories below 1000. Bleh. My body likes it here, I guess. I tried a week of just about perfect eating. Dropped 3 pounds and did one weightlifting workout and then gained 3 pounds back overnight. And they stuck around. My body seems quite fond of 191 pounds. I have no idea why. I've tried raising my calories to around 1400-1500 - stayed at 191 pounds. Lowering to 800-900 - yeah, still the same. The only way I can "lose weight" is when I don't lift weights...and that just seems stupid. I'd rather be 191 pounds and strong than 140 pounds and weak. I'd call this a true plateau.

The only thing I can think to do differently is eat more calories during the day and fewer at night...but as far as I know that is old thinking and it doesn't matter what time you eat...a calorie is a calorie.

Here's another crazy thing...I've lost like 100 pounds, eat healthier than I ever have in my life, eat 90% whole foods (mostly plants), work out regularly...and I have high-ish cholesterol (205) for the first time ever. WTF?


As of today, I added in oat bran and apples...two foods that are supposed to help reduce cholesterol. I'm also going to start taking fish oil.

Perhaps I should go back to Atkins. My cholesterol was picture perfect when I was eating a pound of bacon and 3 sticks of butter per week.


Mari said...

Sounds really tough Stephanie, I wonder if you just need to put up with the weight training, to a point where your body gets used to it and then starts dropping weight again. It may mean the scale goes up or stays the same but eventually those muscles will be burning calories? Or maybe speak to someone at your surgery? xxx

Dawnya said...

You will get through this plateau. I know you can.

Jessica said...

Hrmmm thats odd... Maybe after weight lifting for a while you will start to loose again.

Have you thought about seeing the nutritionest at Dr. Wiz office?

Reggie said...

You are going to bust through this plateau! Keep on keeping on :o)

Catherine55 said...

I bet this is a building muscle issue (though I can't remember what your usual workout is, so I'm not 100%). You should give yourself six weeks of doing weightlifting and not bother yourself about the scale if you're eating right and it's not moving. But.. take your measurements.

It's amazing how after six weeks of muscle building, your body gets a kick start and starts burning more calories.. and you go back to losing again. This happened to me -- if you want, take a look at my posts around that time -- I know everyone is different, but I've heard that six week thing from a bunch of people.


I hope that's helpful and not off the mark! Hang in there! xoxoxo

DiZneDiVa said...

Keep fighting it... I am right there with you fighting every day. I just wish I was fighting at 191... but my body seems to want to stay in the 300's... Are you kiddin' me? Now I am having revision surgery.... so hopefully that will help. I take one day at a time, all the old pain is back but none of the old weight... so It's hard, but I am still trudging ahead.

Beth Ann said...

A. That sucks. B. I weigh almost the exact same thing I weighed this time last year, but I'm a size smaller. So maybe with the workouts, that is changing?

I hate the stupid scale. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

Andrea said...

Plateaus suck! Just keep at it!