Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Not Telling

I started my new job yesterday. It went pretty well. There are a whole lot of new things for me to learn. It's a big leap going from working in technology for the last 16 years in to medical, which works totally differently. I'm cool with that. I'm a fast learner and I'm sure I'll be figuring out the various forms and med-speak and how to verify insurance in no time. I was so booooooored with tech and I'm excited that I'll actually be doing something other than telling people when to press buttons. I think this is a job I can excel at and this company has a lot of room for growth. The people are super nice and the company is committed to keeping employees happy. The schedule is very flexible. Yes, they're open 7 days a week so I WILL be working some weekends and holidays, but I'll be on three 12 hour shifts per week so I can easily work around doctor appointments, errands, and I could even work 3 solid days and then go see my sister for 4 days without having to take time off. I'm going to keep working at the old company 1-2 days per week too, at least until they hire someone full time to take over for me.

The other thing they do for their employees to keep them happy is that they buy lunch every Monday. Yesterday was my first day and was also Monday. They brought in pizza. Not the lovely thin crust kind that I normally eat, but the big, thick, gloppy chain kind. I don't usually eat that.

I'm trying an experiment. I'm not telling anyone there about my band. I've told EVERYONE about my band for the last couple of years and this time, I'm keeping it to myself. I'm not saying the name of the company here and not talking about my blog when I'm there. When I needed to hand my driver's license with the old picture to the coordinator when she was taking my badge picture, she said it looked like I lost some weight. I just said...yup, I did.

But I thought I was busted when I saw that thick pizza and no other choices. I was very hungry and I am pretty sure I need a fill anyway.

I s-l-o-w-l-y made my way through a slice and a half, avoiding part of the crust and chewing very carefully. No problem. Now I know I need a fill. That thick, doughy stuff usually doesn't work great for me. I like regular hand tossed or extra thin pizza.

I'm sick of this silly plateau and between the thick pizza and the hot dog I ate the other day with the bun, and the fact that I'm basically always hungry, I'm sure I need a fill.

I talked to Gwen the band nurse (we went to dinner after support group last night) and she said she would get me in for a fill as soon as I am ready (in other words...have a day off). So...today or tomorrow I'll have my schedule for the next month and schedule away.

Day 2 of the new job today. I have prepared my own lunch today (Italian turkey sausage, broccollini, garlic, hot pepper, and a little whole wheat tortellini). Yummy.


A.J. said...

Pretty soon you will be having to remind yourself to not speak in medical chart lingo. I am constantly using it when I post blogs only to realize that most other folks don't speak that language. Good luck on the new job.

Kristin50 said...

Good luck with your knew job I hope it is all you hoped it would be.

I always am speaking in Medical Chart lingo because of my job, and now with me in school for my bachelors in Health Information Management it is even worse!

Jacquie said...

Good luck with the new job!

Jessica said...

So glad you finally broke into the medical field!!! I am so happy for you!

Lap Band Gal said...


I totally get the "not telling" thing. I've started doing this myself on occasion. Sometimes for me, telling is more work than it's worth. Because once I tell, then I get all the usual questions like "what's a lap band?" and "What can you eat?" and blah blah blah. Makes me tired to just think about it. LOL :)

Keep us posted on how things go at your new job. HUGS!

Beth Ann said...

Glad that the new job is going well!