Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Have Big Buts and I Cannot Lie

No, that's not a typo. I'm talking about excuses, not...errr...posterior regions.

Confession time: I haven't been to the gym all week. Here are where my big buts come in:

* The gym was closed on July 4 and it was raining outside so I had no way to work out.
* Monday, July 5 was a day off from work. I needed to use that day to rest and get some housework done.
* I just started my 5-hour-per-week consulting job (on top of my 45-hour-per-week regular job). There just wasn't time.
* My debit card was hacked and I had to spend hours with the bank getting it sorted out.
* My husband has a cold.
* That TV show Huge started last week and I just loved it. I had to take an hour to watch it.

Ok, so some of those (especially the job thing) might be semi-valid, but if I am being completely honest, I could have found a half hour on a few days this week to get some exercise.

BUT (and there's another big but), here's what's really freaking me out. I didn't exercise and I lost over 3 pounds this week. Working out like a maniac the 2 prior weeks I lost 1.6 pounds. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, y'all? Is that ALL muscle/fluid loss? So strange.

Ah well, I suppose I'll get off my big buts and my big butt and go to the gym today anyway.


Ice Queen said...

Good for you on three pounds. Sometimes my body amazes me. I can have a four pound loss sitting on my arse, then walk like a lunatic and lose one or two... I don't get it. lol

Bonnie said...

It's okay to have a week of buts, but if you have too many weeks of buts you will have a big butt. The scale was kind this week because it knows you'll get back on track next week.

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

I can relate and I probably have bigger butts and a bigger ass! Hehe! :P BTW, I didn't know I wasn't following you but I am now. You said on my post that we are in a similar situation so we need to keep up with each other. Find me on FB (elizabeth huskey) or email me Me, YOu, and Pie and Beth can motivate each other and race to 199. I think you're around 230s??? Man, I felt good at that weight! Liked myself. But now around 215, it feels better. So we need to motivate each other since it seems we can ALL have "low motivation" moments and I'm better at motivating others than I am myself! ;)

Meli said...

remember when you're working out you're also building muscle so the number on the scale might be less but you're still doing well. just be glad you lost 3lbs! whew! lol. also you gotta remember weight loss isn't instant. it takes your body a week or so to register the weight loss. so those 3lbs might be from what you were doing before. like when i have a bad week and my tummy is still flat and the scale is still down i'm like woohoo! but just wait till next week. lol. also since you're so busy with work stuff you could be losing weight from stress? i dunno. i say just take those 3lbs and run! lol. before anyone notices.

Drazil said...

Great loss - holy awesome!