Friday, August 20, 2010

Bullet Post

Being a copycat and doing a bullet point blog...
  • I tried Shirataki noodles...not bad. Hungry Girl is always raving about them so I thought I'd try them. I made a stir fry with steak, broccoli, and onions and added the noodles for a few minutes at the end of cooking. The texture was a bit slippery but good with stir fry. They are VERY filling and I think they might get stuck if my band was tighter.
  • I was able to put on and button and zip a pair of old SIZE 16 jeans. They gave me major muffin top and I won't wear them in public yet but they ZIPPED. I am pretty sure that high school was the last time I saw that size.
  • A friend told me that I look great and I'm now, "Curvy, not round." I love that!
  • I start back to school on Monday. I'm taking 2 classes on top of working full time and I'm dreading missing 2 days of the gym per week to go to school. I don't know how I am going to fit everything in and I'm a little nervous.
  • Five weeks from today I will be in Chicago with the BOOBS! I couldn't be more excited and I am so grateful to all of the planners for all of the work they are obviously doing to make this thing a success.
  • I wish I could go to Orlando this weekend to meet up with Grace and Stephanie and the other band bloggers who will be there. If I didn't have school on Monday I SO would!!!
That's about it. Have a great weekend everyone!


-Grace- said...

Boo school! :(

DiZneDiVa said...

I am one of the band bloggers you speak of... in O-town this weekend. Actually, I live here. Are you near Orlando? If not...I will get to meet you in Chi-town next month. Yippee! *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Check out my blog at

Bonnie said...

I can't believe Chicago is only 5 weeks away. I am so excited.

Steph said...

Maria - I'm 2.5 hours away...just a smidge too far to just come up for dinner. I'll need a whole weekend! I can't believe I'm flying halfway across the country before I'll meet you and Steph and the other Orlando area ladies.

Lady Lap Band said...

ooo I tried those noodles before as well. I wasn't in love lol I thought they had a fishy taste?? Did you get that at all??