Friday, February 25, 2011

Hungry...I Think

Today's menu:

7:30 AM: Coffee. Then some leftovers from Pollo Tropical - about 1/3 of a small Tropichop with chicken, black beans, brown rice, onions, and salsa. Yeah. At 7:30 AM. My husband thinks I'm weird because I eat that sort of thing in the morning, but I LIKE leftovers for breakfast. (Side note: does anyone else find it bizarre to order a small fast food meal and have LEFTOVERS? I used to eat the LARGE Tropichop...PLUS a side of fried yucca.)

11:00 AM: 1/2 of a scooped out pumpernickel bagel with a shmear of light cream cheese. There are always bagels at work on Fridays and my stomach was grumbling away.

1:00 PM: They brought lunch in at work for a meeting. It was from my favorite Jamaican restaurant - jerk chicken, steamed cabbage, rice and peas, coco bread, plantains. My plate had about 1/4 of the food of pretty much everyone else, but I did have a little of everything. Yep, even the coco bread. It went down fine.

5:00 PM: My "real" lunch break time and I was hungry again. I went to the Fresh Market and got some shrimp sushi. I ate about half, but peeled off most of the rice, so pretty much spicy shrimp salad and cucumber. I also went for a short walk, 1/2 mile.

(I wanted to walk to the ice cream shop. But I didn't.)

It is now 7:25 PM and I'm hungry again. I don't even know if it is head hunger or real hunger but it would be ridiculous to even consider eating anything else right now. I know I've had PLENTY. I am at work for another 30 minutes and by the time I get home at 9:00-ish, I will want dinner.

I went from having practically zero appetite to feeling like I am starving. I don't get it. I've eaten protein. I've eaten real food. I've had plenty of water. I don't understand my band sometimes. I want the scale to move and if I keep eating 5 meals a day, it ain't gonna happen.

I'm feeling a little a lot frustrated. I considered taking one of my old diet pills today. They're probably expired and they're at home, so I didn't, but I don't like feeling like I WOULD.

I figured that writing this all down might be better than having a snack. So thanks for listening. I'm off to get another glass of water.


Alison said...

Bands are so annoying aren't they? Sounds like the amounts you have eaten have been really quite small, have you tried adding up the calories (I know that this is hard when you've not made or bought the food yourself)
Well done on walking too!

Sam said...

It could just be your body playing catch up. They really are funny instruments, these bodies of ours. I have days like this for no reason, and then other days I don't think about food that much at all :p