Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stucky Stuck

Last month, I was at Disney World with some other bandsters. Heidi pulled out a packet of dried apricots and passed them around. I ate one, and it didn't feel so good going down for a few minutes. I thought, "Ok, now I know what 'stuck' feels like."

I had a fill last Monday and haven't had any problems. I'm getting full fast and staying full for a long time, which is great. I have eaten jerk chicken, salad, and even a bit of bread in the form of 1/2 of a well scooped out bagel on Friday. No problems.

Today I learned for real what "stuck" feels like. I stopped at Whole Foods for some lunch. I got 2 small meatballs, a spoonful of masala spiced acorn squash with feta cheese, and a couple of pieces of beets. I ate one meatball (and they are little - "bite sized" for non-bandsters and I ate it in 4 bites). No problem. I ate the squash. No problem. I took a bite of the other meatball. Uh oh...problem! I had quite a bit of pain in my chest. My mouth started to water. I was thinking, "Oh no, please don't let me barf." I just sat there breathing slowly for a couple of minutes and the pain and tightness finally subsided. I was definitely done eating at that point.

I guess I DO have a band.

I guess I have restriction.

I had doubts, but whoa...there it is.

Dinner was a small plate of salad (lettuce, chicken, avocado, pineapple, balsamic vinaigrette) and no problems. It was delicious and went down fine - I just ate slowly. I'm not sure what the issue was at lunch.

Oh yeah...and I'm officially down 70 pounds. 210.2 pounds this morning.


Bonnie said...

70 lbs is awesome. Sorry to hear about the stuck episode, but glad it went down.

Lap Band Gal said...

oh! painful! Congrats on the 70 lbs down!

DiZneDiVa said...

Yay! on the 70 pounds... Nay! On the Stuck... I am just glad you didn't slime all over us on the Primeval Whirl!

Sam said...

Congrats on the 70 pounds :o)
Sorry to hear about the stuck episode :(

Stephanie M. said...

Thanks for all the congrats. You know what's crazy though? I'm kind of glad I had the stuck episode because now I know I have restriction. It took 11.5 months to feel that. I was afraid that something was going on that I couldn't feel restriction or really feel how the band was supposed to work. I could eat ANYTHING and way too large amounts. Now I feel like a "real" bandster and have a new motivation and excitement to take off the next 50 or whatever pounds to get to goal!

Justawallflower said...

Wow, 70 pounds is amazing! Congrats to you!

Ronnie said...

Woohoo for 70 lbs down! :)

And I'm still waiting for my first stuck episode, I'm living in fear of the moment! lol Glad you found your restriction, finally! ;)

UndercoverBanded said...

70 is great! Keep it up and the scale will go down!

Stephanie said...

Sorry to hear about the getting stuck, but way to go on the 70 lbs lost. That is super!!