Thursday, February 16, 2012

Overweight Fitness Trainers

I was reading the blog for the boot camp place where I have been working out and this was on there and really bugged me:


Over the years of being a boca raton personal trainer, I’ve heard all kinds of advice from all kinds of people claiming they have the answer(s). Now I’m not going to be that guy and tell you that I have the clear-cut and only secret to fat loss cuz some of you reading this don’t quite know, like, and trust me yet…

But instead I thought I’d have a little fun today to start the week with a few folks you might want to avoid getting weight loss advice from…..


2. The Overweight Fitness Trainer

I have to say here in Boca Raton and South Florida, I haven’t seen too many of these. They may be very knowledgeable and have your genuine interest in their heart….but……c’mon……..ya know?!


Well there you have it…some more helpful fat loss tips from a non-celebrity who hasn’t been on TV, doesn’t take steroids, isn’t a parent, and isn’t a fat personal trainer!


Seriously? That "overweight fitness trainer" could have already lost 100 pounds. (I've lost 100 pounds and am still overweight and there are probably a few fitness classes I could successfully teach.)

I took a great Zumba class from an overweight instructor. The skinnies in the class could barely keep up with her.

Maybe I'm being a bit sensitive (and feel free to tell me if I am) but this bothered me. The way it was worded was really snarky and I read it as, "I know I shouldn't say bad things about fatties and offend them because they're my bread and butter, no pun intended, but they're pretty stupid and it would be ridiculous to think that a fatty could possibly know anything about exercise."

I would never say that he can't or shouldn't say it, but I can say that it has turned me off and after I'm done with the sessions I bought through Groupon, it is highly unlikely that I will go back and spend another dime there.


A.J. said...

You are most definitely not being too sensitive. It is assholes like this guy who kept me from going to a gym when I was at 284lbs. Hell, I had to lose 50 lbs before I could think about going to a gym, and even then I wanted to wear a t-shirt that said "Stop judging me, asshole, I have already lost 50lbs!!!".

Honestly, I think if there were more "overweight fitness trainers" there might be more overweight people working out and getting healthier. I when I first started going to the gym I would have to repeat "No one is judging you, no one is judging you." over and over in my head. Of course, jerks like this just make me realize that, yes, in fact, there were probably lots of people judging me.

While weight and size are often indicators of health/fitness they are not the only indicators. Not to go off on a tangent (squirrel!!), but that is my major beef with BMI charts. I believe that past a certain point of body composition -- it's just not a valid index for me. Actually, my husband and I spend the majority of our time watching the Superbowl this year pointing out all the pro athletes who by BMI charts alone would be considered obese. (Of course, they aren't, because the guys who are 6'5 290lbs are made of solid muscle.)

Sorry to be so windy, but I emphatically share in your outrage at this.

Sarah said...

I think it shows his ignorance to be honest. As an overweight person, I would take advice more readily from someone who had lost 60 lbs and still had 60 to loose before I took advice from someone who had only ever had to loose 15 lbs and never experienced being so overweight.

I think you should raise it as a concern. Maybe it would open their eyes a little.

Caron said...

My Zumba teacher is overweight and most of us struggle to keep up with her. I do not know her background and whether she has lost any weight, but I do know she keeps me active for a full hour twice a week. Great lady! :)

Lap Band Gal said...

That ticks me Off too. People are so ignorant

Chris said...

You'd think a personal trainer would realize that people approach exercise and gym attendance from a very wide variety of places. Yeah, that guy would be the one causing me to either never show up in the first place, or quit after one snarky remark. Dude, you're an ass.

Ronnie said...

I hate people like the man who wrote that article.

The end.

FitBy40 said...

You are absolutely right to be offended!
That's like when I was at a play group of women who didn't know I used to be obese and the one woman was talking about running a 5K race..."there were fat women finishing before me!". Yeah, I cringed. Yuck.

Amanda Kiska said...

What an ass! I bet that overweight trainer is in better shape than most anyone. Fat people can and do exercise. It is a MYTH that overweight people are lazy.

I know that many people would feel a lot more comfortable in a class taught by someone who was overweight. That comfort likely translates into being more likely to keep coming back and that is good for everyone!

It is completely possible to be overweight AND healthy and in shape.

lori said...

that over weight fitness trainer looks like she is really moving it. it makes me smile to see her enthusiasm.

lori said...

that over weight fitness trainer looks like she is really moving it. it makes me smile to see her enthusiasm.

Fitness Freak said...
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