Monday, September 27, 2010

Fill #2

I had my second fill today. The doc pulled out the 3 cc's that he gave me last time and it was all still there. He added 2 cc's and I couldn't swallow water - it was pooling in my throat - scary! So he took one cc out and the water went gurgling down. Will this be my sweet spot? Who knows. The last fill kept me going for months.

I knew it was REALLY REALLY time for a fill this weekend when I was able to eat, with no problem, deep dish pizza, an entire Chicago hot dog (including bun) and more. Not all at once, of course.

I was up 2.8 pounds since my last visit. I'm sure that part of that was normal travel bloat, but it was definitely time for a fill.

I'm on clear liquids for the rest of the day, full liquids tomorrow, mushies on Wednesday, and back to normal on Thursday. I am SO HUNGRY right now and not sure how I will make it through the rest of the day on clears. But I will.

I had my 6 month blood work last week and saw the results today - cholesterol is 158, glucose is 77, everything is perfect except for vitamin D which is STILL a little low, so I'm back on the vitamin D prescription. My B12 was also on the low side of normal, so I'm going to start sublingual B12. That's about it!


--Hey said...

oh man... I hate when that water pools... kinda freaky for sure. Well you are on your way.. good luck with the next few days. It's good to get a fill. : )

Bonnie said...

Was so great meeting you. Hope your fill helps with the eating.

Nicole said...

gerat meeting you! Hope this fill helps you out! My vitamin levels were really low, I know take baratric Advantage chewable vitamins

Shrinking Mommy said...

hi... just found your blog. where are you in south florida? i am here too.

Canadian Bird said...

WOW... you're only on your 2nd fill? And water pooled? I've had no experiences like that. That must have been scary, or at least a little odd. You must have a tiny band, eh? Mine's a 14 cc one, so I've had a few fills now since April.
It was great meeting you, Steph. Wish we'd had time to chat! Next year, perhaps??? :)
Robin at Band on the Run

Steph said...

Thanks for the comments!

Shrinking Mommy - I'm in the Palm Beach area. Where are you?

Bonnie and Nicole - great meeting you too!

Robin - Yep, second fill since I was banded in March. I have 4 cc's in a 10 cc band. Agreed - we didn't have enough time to hang out! It was such a whirlwind and there were so many people to talk to that I feel like I missed out on spending time with a lot of people. Definitely next year!

I'm frickin' hungry and ready for some food.

Shrinking Mommy said...

boca area.... :-) hey neighbor!

Steph said...

Shrinking Mommy...I work in Boca! I'm there every single weekday. Email me at bandlady (at) stealyourface (dot) com if you want to meet up for coffee or something.