Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Atkins Begins

Dinner tonight - my first Atkins meal - was a smashing success. Scott grilled some burgers and I had mine with a slice of grilled onion, a pickle, mustard, and some of that low-sugar ketchup that Maria mentioned. Delicious! Of course, the carb withdrawals have not kicked in yet, so I may not be in as good of a mood about the whole thing tomorrow. ;-)

A couple of people asked me about the menu I put together. If you're interested, here it is. This is subject to change IF there is a good low-carb option. I put this together as a guide, so I never can say that I don't know what to eat. But, as an example, Scott and I talked about going out for crabs one night this week. If that happens, I know I'll have an order of steamed dungeoness crabs and a side salad. Yum. Other than that - this is what I'll be eating for the next week.

Dinner - burgers, grilled onion, pickle

Breakfast - leftover burger
Lunch - Caesar salad & bacon cheeseburger (no bun)
Dinner - steak, broccoli

Breakfast - spinach/feta crustless quiche bites
Lunch - steamed cabbage, shrimp, sausage, Old Bay
Dinner - Rocksteady Jamaican jerk chicken salad (lettuce, jerk chicken, avocado, oil, vinegar)

Breakfast - spinach/feta crustless quiche bites
Lunch - cheeseburger and mashed cauliflower
Dinner - taco salad (turkey taco meat, lettuce, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, hot sauce)

Breakfast - bacon & cheese omelet
Lunch - turkey, lettuce & avocado wraps
Dinner - steak, turnip "fries"

Breakfast - bacon & cheese omelet
Lunch - chicken salad over lettuce
Dinner - Roasted Brisket with Parsley, Mint and Thyme (an amazing looking recipe that Scott found) with roasted cauliflower

Breakfast - spinach/feta crustless quiche bites
Lunch - Moe's burrito bowl (lettuce, chicken, onions, sour cream, guacamole, tomatillo salsa)
Dinner - Grecian Pork Tenderloin, green beans

Breakfast - scrambled eggs, bacon
Lunch - tuna, cottage cheese, hard boiled egg, lettuce, vinegar, oil
Dinner - burgers

Breakfast - leftover burger
Lunch - steamed fish, green beans & almonds
Dinner - caesar salad and grilled chicken breast

Thursday & Friday to be determined...haven't decided yet. Will complete my menu before I go to the grocery store next weekend.

Snack choices:
deviled eggs
cucumber, broccoli, or cauliflower & dip
Just The Cheese snacks
celery with bleu cheese & hot sauce
smoked fish dip with celery
chicken salad
tuna salad
salami slices
meat leftovers
pumpkin cream cheese custard
sugar free whipped cream


Beth Ann said...

Sounds delicious!!

Pie said...

Wow, this actually made me mildly nostalgic for my atkins days! Everything sounds so tasty!

Amanda said...

I haven't made a menu yet but I have ideas! Mine starts in the morning but can I come to your house to eat instead?

DiZneDiVa said...

Your menu sounds great. I have been cutting back a little on carbs, without lowering my fiber intake, of course. I have been losing again... So I am down 121 pounds so far. I hope that keeps going since I am loving the loss and it looks like the strength training has really been revving up my metabolism... so keep your fingers crossed for me. *M*

Sam said...

That sounds pretty good, I shall be taking notes as I have been having trouble with my lunch choices :o)

Lap Band Gal said...

Great plan! You are so organized. 9 more sleeps until I get to see your pretty face :)

Darlin1 said...

Great menu---sounds very satisfying!! I may need to go there myself---NO weight loss for 3 months ;-(