Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Day in my Life

Amy wrote (in response to the banded woman on Dr. Oz who professed to eat nothing but 6 spoonfuls of yogurt and some broth each day):

In the meantime, it did make me realize that for those just starting to research WLS, I should (and perhaps YOU as well) should write up a little post about what OUR lives look like now that we are banded.

Ok, here you go. This is a bit different this week since I'm doing Atkins, but generally my typical day looks something like this...

8:00 AM - Wake up. Drink coffee with 1% milk and Splenda. Walk 2 miles.

9:00: Get ready for work. Put on my size 16 pants. Notice that they're getting a little loose. Feed parrots.

9:45 - Eat breakfast - usually leftovers (a bunless hamburger, leftover turkey taco meat, etc.), Eggbeaters on a toasted deli flat roll with a slice of cheese, or Lean Cuisine spring rolls (I especially like the garlic chicken ones). My band is usually tighter in the morning but as long as I
eat slow, I'm fine. I've never been a protein shake drinker as a meal...I have a long day and I need a solid breakfast.

11:00 - Arrive at work. Drink coffee.

1:00 - Have a small snack - a fiber bar, piece of fruit, tablespoon of chicken salad, or a string cheese.

4:00 - Lunchtime. A taco, bowl of soup, salad, cup of chili, 6" Subway turkey sub with the bread scooped out, or leftovers. Also, sometimes a small frozen yogurt or Tasti-D-Lite. If the weather is nice, go for a half mile or so walk.

6:30 - Cup of chai tea with 1% milk and Splenda.

9:30 - Dinner - almost always a piece of fish or meat and a vegetable. Sometimes we'll have brown rice too. Turkey tacos (in a bowl, I don't eat the shells), burgers, or a Lean Cuisine are frequent visitors to my dinner table.

Later - Watch some TV, read, mess around on the internet, read blogs.

This can vary a bit...I have school once a week and on those days I have to be at work at 9:00 AM (with an hour commute) and don't get home until after 9:00 PM. Thursday nights are my knitting night and my friend Erin and I knit and have dinner at this amazing Jamaican restaurant where I will have either a jerk chicken salad or a piece of jerk fish. Weekends are TOTALLY different. They include a trip to the gym, cleaning the house, seeing friends and family, or just chilling out with my husband

I will tell you this...I do not live on 6 spoonfuls of yogurt and a cup of broth per day. And life is good.


DiZneDiVa said...

You should always eat within an hour of getting up, or supposively your metabolism stays in a sleeping state all day. Try Atkins Mocha Latte shake instead of coffee... It's delicious and would rev up your metabolism before your walk.

Cat's Chic Chat said...

Sounds like a very healthful lifestyle. Thank you so much for sharing!

Beth Ann said...

That sounds MUCH more like me than a few spoonfuls of yogurt!