Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Drawers, Revisited

Awhile ago, I did a post where I showed you what was in my desk drawer at work. The stuff in the drawer has changed so I figured I'd give you an update because I wanted to tell you about some stuff.

Clockwise from left:

1. Dessert Delights gum (mint chocolate chip flavor) - this is some seriously tasty gum.
2. Condiments - packets of tabasco sauce, mustard, salt, pepper, Crystal Light packets
3. Chai Teabags
4. No Sugar Added Fruit Cups
5. Atkins Endulge Bars - for when I am craving a treat so I don't cave in to the brownies and cookies and other crap that people bring in.
6. Mio drink new obsession! I love this stuff. I like my water with just a hint of flavor so the Crystal Light packets don't work as well for me unless I'm using a liter bottle. This stuff, you just add a little squirt to a glass of water and you have a delicious drink. I have the berry pomegranate and fruit punch good!

7. Just the Cheese - crunchy cheese snacks. Maria gave me a box of these and they're just meh, but they'll get me past a crunchy/salty craving in a pinch.
8. Tylenol
9. Vitamins
10. Fiber Gummies - I snack on these. I love them. I'll have 3 or 4 of them when I want something sweet.

11. Iced Tea Powder - great for the same reason as the Mio - I can use just a little bit in a big glass of water.

So...that's what I always have on hand when I'm at work.


Jen said...

no wonder you are such a rockin success these days miss one-derland! A good reminder that planning ahead can really keep you on track and it only takes a few simple things! Thanks for sharing :)

Cat's Chic Chat said...

What an awesome asortment of healthy and snacky foods! Thanks for sharing. It's got me thinking on creating a snack drawer of my own. I'm going to look into those fiber gummies!

Meli said...

nice drawer. careful with he fiber gummies though. at first i popped them like candy then couldn't figure out what was causing all the bloating and gas. lol. now i'm down to 2 a day. but they're so yummy i could easily pop them like candy.