Sunday, June 20, 2010

What a Weekend

I don't think I've needed a weekend as badly as I needed this one in quite some time. After some crazy/bad/heartbreaking stuff happening at work this week, I needed a couple of days to regroup and get my mind back in order.

I did a little stress eating (bad bad bad, I know) but got right back on track. And it wasn't even THAT bad (not like a pre-band episode of stress eating) but I need to confess, I went for Mexican food on Friday, ate about 1 and 3/4 chicken enchiladas with sour cream, some beans, and a few chips and felt AWFUL for the rest of the day. Physically, not mentally. I ate too much, too fast and it felt like it was just sitting in my throat. That was around 1:30. I got home from work and went to the gym - not to punish myself for eating crappy but because I felt like I NEEDED it. I walked 2 miles on the treadmill, it worked, I felt better, and I ate a small dinner around 11:00 PM. I was truly not hungry before that.

On a good note, that made 4 workouts during the week, which was my goal. I'm going to have the same goal this week.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet a lovely band blogger, Melissa. She is thinking about getting banded. She asked about a gazillion questions about the band and my experiences thus far (which was totally cool with me since it's my favorite topic of conversation). She and I went swimming, went out for a yummy dinner which was my first time having sushi since getting the band (and it went down fine, thank goodness, as I have really missed it), and talked and talked and talked and...well, you get the idea. I really enjoyed meeting her, even though she thought I might be a rapist and murderer. I did not rape and/or murder her. However, I did make her feel my port. She was surprised how unobtrusive it was and that it really wasn't a big deal to have it there under my skin.

Last night my dear friend Jen came over to my parents' house (I was house sitting - that's what I call it when I go over there when they're not home to use their pool and get some quiet time) to hang out with me and sleep over. We went out for brunch (I had a veggie omelet with artichokes, onions, avocado, and goat cheese - YUM!), got pedicures, and shopped. It was a nice relaxing day.

As for the Summer Meltdown - I "only" lost 1.6 pounds this week for the challenge. And I don't mean "only" as in "I didn't do well". I mean it was just a whole lot less than last week. And that's ok. I'm not in a race. I'm thrilled that with the truly awful work week I had, I didn't gain weight. That's pretty awesome.


Meli said...

Steph!! I had a great time! :) Thank you for inviting me into your home (or your parents home) and for not being a rapist/murderer. lol. I had a great time and I apologize for making everything about me. I have a tendency to do that because its not often I can talk to people about those things. I became annoyed with myself. lol. Thanks for being so welcoming and answering all my questions!!

my fave part was the thai food though. it was so yummy. and i'm glad you were able to send it back and get it tasting better. Also it was fun to be there when you tried sushi again for the first time since the band. I was worried something would happen and I didn't want you to be like "damn that melissa, its all her fault".

my husband loved the pad(or pud) thai by the way. :)

you're such an inspiration! i can't wait to do this!

ps. i'm going to write up a blog as well and put up the pics we took.

Steph said...

Hahaha! If anything had gone wrong with the sushi, I wouldn't have blamed you. Although Jen said that I TOTALLY should have taken one bite of sushi, made a bad face, acted like I was about to barf, and screamed at you to take cover. That cracked me up. I just had the last of my leftover Thai food for dinner tonight - it lasted me for 3 meals and it was even better today. I'm glad your husband enjoyed his dinner!

Meli said...

haha that would have scared the crap out of me! lol.

mmmm i just finished off the fried rice. even cold its delicious. omg i have to go back and get some more!!

Bonnie said...

It's always so much fun to meet other bloggers. Sounds like you had a good weekend. Congrats on the weight loss. I didn't lose as much as last week, but didn't expect to.

McKayla said...

I wish i could've made it to meet you both!
I feel like such a loser now. I hope we will have another chance to meet up.

Im glad you girls had such a good time together.

P.S. oh yeah, totally bummed that i missed the thai too.

Sarah said...

I can't wait to meet you in September! Hang in there - be gentle with yourself when you have a bad week... sometimes food is an outlet and that might not change, but at least you know it! Good job with the exercise and weight loss... i'm sucking at both of those lately!